Centre for Global Competitiveness of MSMEs (CGCM)

About the Centre

Centre for Global Competitiveness of MSMEs is research-cum-resource centre in NITIE, Mumbai, established in 2014 with exclusive focus on MSME competitiveness.

The MSME sector is the backbone of the Indian economy structure contributing to about 8 percent to the total GDP growth of the country and29th percent of the GDP of the country. It also contribute 24.63% of the GDP from service activities as well as 33.4% of India's manufacturing output. There are around 36.1 million units throughout the geographical expanse of the country providing employment to around 120 million persons and contributing to around 45% of the overall exports from India. About 20% of the MSMEs are based out of rural areas, which indicates the deployment of significant rural workforce in the MSME sector and is an exhibit to the importance of these enterprises in promoting sustainable and inclusive development as well as generating large scale employment, especially in the rural areas.

However, in comparison to the rest of the globe the Indian MSME suffer from low level of global competitiveness. The skewed size distribution of firms with large number of micro and small enterprises and low presence of middle sized firm is attributed to the low level of productivity of the sector and popularly known as the problem of “Missing Middle”in Indian Industry.

In order to make the Indian MSME more productive there is therefore a vast network of organizations working for the benefit of MSMEs. But given the huge size of the sector and complexity of their problems, the current efforts definitely fall short of the actual requirements. Moreover, there is an emergent need of tackling the problems of the MSME sector by integrating needs of the domestic economy with those of the global market.

NITIE, being a national institution of higher learning with focus on the manufacturing sector is a perfect fit to play this role.In this background, this centre was established for undertaking cutting edge research and training for the benefits of the MSME sector. The main focus of the centre is to analyze the Institutional, Economic, Financial and Technological factors that can contribute to the productivity and competiveness of the sector and disseminate the finding among themain stakeholders like the Industry Association, Academia and the Government bodies. Academic community including NITIE students can also benefit from the resources generated by the centre. The future goal is to make this centre a nodal Resource and Research Centre on MSME Competitiveness.

Objectives of Centre

The broad objective of the Centre is to create, accumulate and disseminate knowledge on diverse fields of competitiveness for enhancing economic competitiveness of Indian MSMEs.

The specific objectives of the Centre are as following:

  • Create awareness among the students regarding the opportunities and challenges of Indian MSME
  • Undertake studies in select MSME clusters and industry groups
  • Undertake research in new and emerging areas of MSME competitiveness
  • Collaborate with leading international organisations/bodies working in the field of global competitiveness
  • Disseminate knowledge through conventional channels like seminars, conferences, roundtable as well as in a user-friendly ICT platform, and
  • Serve as a nodal resource centre on MSME competitiveness

Activities in centre

Current Activity of the Centre

Past Activities of the centre:

  • Organised an interactive session (of NITIE students) with a senior executive from Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. on “Implementation of Lean Manufacturing Competitiveness Scheme (of Ministry of MSME, GoI) by Mahindra & Mahindra”.
  • Enrolled the Centre with MSME Virtual Clusters programme
  • Organised a one-day workshop on “Operations Excellence through Effective Leadership” for MSME units at Satara (Maharashtra).
  • Held discussion meeting with the Manufacturers’ Association Satara (MAS) and visited select industrial units at Satara to identify the competitiveness challenges before the MSMEs of the region.
  • Organised a talk on “Impact of Indirect Taxes on MSMEs with expectations from GST” by Prof. N. S. Govindan at NITIE Auditorium on 9th August 2016.
  • Organized a talk on “ Impact of GST on MSMEs “ by Prof. Surajit Das,JNU New Delhi at NITIE.

Research Projects (Objective, Funding/grant)

The Centre has funded the following research projects

  • A study of Competiveness of Textile Cluster-Project Investigator (PI) Prof. Utpal Chattapodhay and Co-PI Prof. Mainak Mazumdar. Total Fund 10 lakh
  • Scope and Challenges of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Leather Cluster; A Primary Study in Maharashtra Region. PI Prof. Ajaya Kumar Panda and Co-PI Prof. Kanchan Joshi. Total Fund 6 Lakh
  • Study of Economic performance and Competitiveness of MSME Clusters: A case of Food-processing Clusters in Nashik, Maharashtra. PI Prof. Binil Kumar and Co-PI Prof. Karuna Jain. 8 Lakh


The Centre for Global Competitiveness of MSMEs, hosted a special conference on“MSMEs at Cross Road: An Analysis of the Impact of GST, New Financial Schemes and Change in Definition”, at NITIEon 10th March 2018. Following are the key speakers for the workshop

  • Prof. (Ms.) Karuna Jain, Director NITIE Mumbai,
  • Mr. Prahalathan Iyer, Chief General Manager EXIM Bank,
  • Mr. R B Gupte, Director MSME DI Mumbai,
  • Gajanand Bellaly Deputy Commissioner of Industries Govt of Maharashtra.
  • Mr. Nilesh Kotak, Vice President MSME Division Yes Bank.
  • Mr. Mahendra Pratap Sengar, Assistant Commissioner GST and Central Excise,
  • Mr. Sunil Agarwal, Advocate Bombay High Court
  • Mr. Sandeep Sharma, Chartered Accountant .
  • Mr. Sajit Pisharodi, Founder Director Hyphen Inc..
  • Dr. Soumya Chakroborti, Associate Professor Vishwa Bharati University,
  • Mr. Saugata Bhattacharya, Chief Economist Axis Bank,
  • Mr. A C Mouli, Deputy General Manager SIDBI
  • Mr. Manoj Dingra Assistant General Manager SIDBI.
  • Mr. Karthick, Deputy Manager RBI,
  • Prof. Veeramani, IGIDR, Mumbai,



Subscribed the following electronic databases for use of NITIE faculty & students:

  • World Competiveness Yearbook (WCY) online, IMD, Switzerland
  • Capitaline Plus(till March 2016)
  • Gartner Database (along with Centre for Technology & Innovation Management)
  • Procured the NSS, ASI and Economic Census data for use of NITIE faculty & students

Event Organized

Subscribed the following electronic databases for use of NITIE faculty & students:

  • Organised field visits of NITIE students to Nasik Engineering Cluster (NEC)
  • Organised an industrial tour to SM Auto Stamping Ltd., an export oriented MSME unit at Nasik
  • Sponsored “Practice Leaders Forum (PLF) 2015” event held at NITIE Mumbai during December 18-19, 2015. PLF is a bi-annual event jointly organised by NITIE and Production Operations Management Society (POMS), USA where MSMEs get an opportunity to share their operations related issues (success as well as pain areas) with larger industries and members of the academia

Contact Information

Centre Co-ordinator
Centre for Global Competitiveness of MSMEs (CGCM)

National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE)
Vihar Lake, Mumbai-400 087.
Tel: (022) 28573371


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