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Coordcom, also known as the coordination committee, ensures perfect harmony among the different committees and the batch. Coordcom is also responsible for facilitating the functioning of various committees and forums, helping in their selection process, introducing or modifying the rules to be followed by the batch and solving issues faced by them.

CoordCom facilitates and oversees many of the official batch-wide activities, ensuring that such undertakings are conducted in a timely and transparent manner.

Responsible for facilitating the functioning of various committees and forums, we help them in their selection process by introducing modifying the rules to be followed and solving issues faced by them.

CoordCom organizes and conducts ethical and unbiased polls to elect Secretaries and Vice President of the Student’s council, from their batch of NITIEians, who help the batch in their day to day activities.

This committee ensures that from the very onset of a NITIEian's life, one is equipped with an appropriate CV.

Additionally, CoordCom takes up the role of chief event organizer for some of the most popular events on campus to hearten the bond among students, providing an opportunity for one and all to let their hair down.

Photographs (committee members group photo + organized events)


Committee Mail ID:

Social Handel link (FB/Twitter/LinkedIn): N/A

Committee Structure

Faculty Advisor: (Name, Mail, Contact No):

ame: Prof. Rakesh Verma

Mail Id:

Contact No.: 9833218004

Team members:

Sr.No. Name Mail ID Contact No Role Responsibility Batch
1 Saurabh Jangid 8233063996 Coordinator 2019
2 Shantanu Rajput 7354268871 Coordinator 2019
3 Pulkit Gupta 9808952348 Coordinator 2019
4 Bibhash Laik 9589862434 Coordinator 2019
5 Kriti Chaudhary 9198052013 Coordinator 2019
6 Kumar Ashish 9457544350 Coordinator 2019
7 Shubham Das 8250953817 Coordinator 2019
8 Surabhi Pandey 8791504528 Coordinator 2019
13 Abhinav Nandha 9876401041 CV Verification SPOC 2019
14 Abhishek Dhamija 9958881198 Other Committee SPOC 2019
15 Archana Rana 9868471313 Placecom SPOC 2019
16 Avichal Tyagi 9816958514 Placecom SPOC 2019
17 Himanshu Thakran 8010779139 Event Management 2019
18 Mohil khare 9826470983 Placecom SPOC Treasurer 2019
19 Rohit Arumugam GN 8870211888 Treasurer 2019
20 Prerak Rokhadia 8000191941 Event Management 2019
21 Saurabh Arora 8791728746 Election Selection SPOC 2019
22 Saurav Shikha 8095129775 Event Management SPOC 2019
23 Siddarth Jain 9650218814 Election Selection SPOC 2019
24 Vineeth Singhi 9159654154 Treasurer 2019
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