Committee Description:

A community of student, academic and business leaders committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to transform lives and shape a better more sustainable world.


initiating business innovation with integrity and passion.


the experience of social impact that sparks social enterprise.


student, academic and business leaders collaborating to create a better world.

Projects Undertaken:

Project Name Description
Fingyan Imparted basic financial knowledge to community near NITIE campus in association with HSBC
E-Jaagran Educating people on the benefits of using internet effectively and how to fill the online forms
Ojaswini Empowering women through skill enhancement and supporting them in starting papad making business
Sankalp Aimed at solving the energy issues in rural areas and uplifting the life of people. Developed an integrated low cost solar mobile battery charger with solar lantern. Provided livelihood to disabled people through assembling, selling and marketing the product.
Prayanta Empowering underprivileged women to stitch cloth bags out of old clothes collected from corporate sector, student residential societies etc.
Urja Built an effective cook stove which mitigates the hazards of the existing chulhas to promote the welfare of women
Chatra Provided skill enhancement workshops and supported in building Self Sustained Oyster Mushroom cultivation business for tribal community at Aarey Colony, Mumbai.

Ongoing Projects

Project Udaan

Bamboo is an indigenous to Jabhua and the district is known for its bamboo tribal dolls made by the local artisans. However, they have not been able to find a market for their products.

Project Udaan aims to empower the tribal farmers by enhancing their skill to manufacture high-quality bamboo handicrafts and establish a sustainable supply chain market for these products.

Project Unnati

Every year about 30% of the agricultural output in Jabhua goes waste due to lack of demand, improper storage facilities low shelf life of agricultural produce.

Project Unnati aims to tackle this problem by installing solar dehydrators in the villages of Jabhua

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Committee Mail ID: enactus@nitie.ac.in

Social Handel link (FB/Twitter/LinkedIn) :

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/enactus.nitie

Committee Structure

Faculty Advisor: Prof. V B Khanapuri, vbkhanapuri@nitie.ac.in, +91 9869436734

Team members:

Sr.No. Name Mail ID Contact No Role Responsibility Batch
1 Amit Rana Amit.Rana.2019@nitie.ac.in 9591708363   2019
2 Anubhav Sinha anubhav.sinha.2018@nitie.ac.in 8291279699   2018
3 Anuj C Thomas Anuj.Thomas.2019@nitie.ac.in 9497380631   2019
4 Arun Arumugam arun.a.2018@nitie.ac.in 8124454359   2018
5 Bhavesh Shimpi Shimpi.Dilip.2019@nitie.ac.in 9503555272   2019
6 Dinesh Singhaniya dineshkumar.singhaniya.2018@nitie.ac.in 9029072544   2018
7 Geetanjali Barley Geetanjali.Barley.2019@nitie.ac.in 8251823753   2019
8 Gunnam Dileep Gunnam.Dileep.2019@nitie.ac.in 7073733370   2019
9 Harish Kesarapu harish.kesarapu.2018@nitie.ac.in 9666757088   2018
10 Md Arif md.arif.2018@nitie.ac.in 8505879559   2018
11 Navodyuti Das navodyuti.das.2018@nitie.ac.in 8291180390   2018
12 Pratik Palse Palse.Devidas.2019@nitie.ac.in 9766191086   2019
13 Prerna Kumari Prerna.Kumari.2019@nitie.ac.in 7718043849   2019
14 Ranju R P Ranju.P.2019@nitie.ac.in 9746962191   2019
15 Rishav Gupta rishav.gupta.2018@nitie.ac.in 9966570001   2018
16 Sagar Gera sagar.gera.2018@nitie.ac.in 9167410417   2018
17 Samidha Singh Samidha.Singh.2018@nitie.ac.in 9967014202   2018
18 Shaik Mastan Sharief Shaik.Sharief.2019@nitie.ac.in 8149424791   2019
19 Shivani kadam kadam.ramesh.2019@nitie.ac.in 9833632150   2019
20 Sonal Meshram Sonal.Meshram.2019@nitie.ac.in 9039862533   2019
21 Sunil Panwar Sunil.Panwar.2019@nitie.ac.in 8872877461   2019
22 Tanay Chandra tanay.chandra.2018@nitie.ac.in 9920226677   2018
23 Tushar Garg tushar.garg.2018@nitie.ac.in 7042511979   2018
24 Vaidehi Satone vaidehi.satone.2018@nitie.ac.in 8275396628   2018
25 Yatish Shingade yatish.shingade.2018@nitie.ac.in 8087843711   2018
26 Yogeswaran S Yogeswaran.S.2019@nitie.ac.in 9489936509   2019
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