Impact-Admissions Committee


Committee Description:

IMPACT is a dedicated group of NITIEzens who are responsible for Branding, Promotion and Admission Process of NITIE. Having been through CAT/GATE and the grueling selection process, they endeavor to share their learning and experiences with other aspirants.
Team IMPACT begins interaction with aspirants through the admissions process and guides them at every step till they join college and ensure smooth operations of complete process.

Events:-B-Cube :

Team IMPACT @ NITIE plays host to B-School aspirants as a part of its annual aspirant interaction event – B-Cube every year at the NITIE campus. It is a congregation of engineering students as well as working professionals from different parts of the country. Several events including a GD PI workshop are conducted under the ambit of B-Cube.

Responsibilities: -

  • Co-ordinate with Admissions office for admissions process.
  • Mentor shortlisted candidates for GD PI process
  • Plan and co-ordinate induction program for incoming batch
  • Manage official Facebook page of NITIE
  • Promotion of NITIE across all over Nation through Campus Ambassador Programme.
  • Design and distribute official batch t-shirt
  • Promote NITIE across various platforms through blogs, articles, videos and other interactive media

Photographs (committee members group photo + organised events) :

Photo Photo

Committee Mail ID

Social Handel link (FB/Twitter/LinkedIn) : Facebook -

Committee Structure

Faculty Advisor: (Name, Mail, Contact No) : Prof. Padmanav Acharya – - +919819001725

Team members:

Sr.No. Name Mail ID Contact No Role Responsibility Batch
1 Priyesh Patil 7798322893 Coordinator IM 24
2 Adeeth Rao Kalbavi 8105978936 Coordinator IM 24
3 Asmita Mehta 9724449366 Coordinator IM 24
4 Divya Chawla 9176182046 Coordinator ISEM 17
5 Stephen Bright 9094977899 Coordinator IM 24
6 Devansh Kulshrestra 9458289734 Coordinator IM 24
7 Debayan Daptary 9036040670 Coordinator IM 24
8 Priy Om Narayan Swami 7994315276 Coordinator PM 04
9 Paras Acharya 9817128080 Coordinator IM 24
10 Ambar Agarwal 9039310453 Coordinator IM 24
11 Ankit Parekh 9823512869 Coordinator IM 24
Sr.No. Name Mail ID Contact No Role Responsibility Batch
1 Ankit Gupta 9876554310 Coordinator 2019
2 Ashish Ranjan 8879733764 Coordinator 2019
3 Bushra Kidwai 9717922895 Coordinator 2019
4 Gurpreet Singh 8291705888 Coordinator 2019
5 Rajat kumar 7404120615 Coordinator 2019
6 Samir Pradhan 8984118334 Coordinator 2019
7 Saumya Shrivastava 8840691969 Coordinator 2019
8 Shailesh Mahajan 9403096204 Coordinator 2019
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