International Relations Committee


Committee Description:

International Relations Committee is the face ofNITIEon the global platform and strives to make NITIE a dominant name across countries. The committee is responsible for facilitating the exchange process for outgoing students and hospitality of the incoming students. It also works in tandem with the Student Exchange Offices of the various International Universities fostering new tie ups towards the branding increasing the visibility ofNITIEto the world. IRC strives for better and improved relations with the existing and prospective partners by sustaining and exploring areas of collaboration withNITIE.

Events and Schedule:

Photographs (committee members group photo + organized events)

Introductory Talk by Prof. Bopaya Binanda,Pittsburgh University at NITIE

  • FacultyPURDUE Interaction
  • FacultyImmersion program with University of East London
  • FacultyCultural Immersion at University of Washington Bothell
  • FacultyCommittee Mail

Social Handel link (FB/Twitter/LinkedIn):



Committee Structure

Faculty Advisor:

  • Name: Dr. Anju Singh
  • Mail Id:
  • Contact: +91-9867537419

Team members:

Sr. No. Name Mail Id Contact Role Batch
1 Abhilash Mondal 9038575122 Student Co-ordinator 2019
2 Ajay Singh 7705889778 Student Co-ordinator 2019
3 Asmita Rai 8989890780 Student Co-ordinator 2019
4 Chinmay Jangam 9029489004 Student Co-ordinator 2019
5 Karan Kaushik 7639880606 Student Co-ordinator 2019
6 Maheep Ajay 9969697727 Student Co-ordinator 2019
7 Prasoon Singh 8447085096 Student Co-ordinator 2019
8 Rahul Agarwal 9958318937 Student Co-ordinator 2019
9 Sanya Jain 8468004997 Student Co-ordinator 2019
10 Shreshtha Priya 9971567819 Student Co-ordinator 2019
11 Venkat Pullugura 7416403958 Student Co-ordinator 2019
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