Personality Development Committee


Committee Description

We, at PDC, are committed to helping the students of NITIE in all aspects of their personal growth. In pursuance of that goal, we have come up with numerous events and activities that help the students of NITIE in honing as well as showcasing different aspects of their personality. We are constantly discussing and evaluating new and fun ways to assist NITIEzens in their personal growth.

Event Schedule
Accent Neutralization Workshop Once in June-July
Presentation Workshop Jan-Feb
Email Etiquette Workshop Jan-Feb
Dining Etiquette Workshop Jan-Feb
Corporate Grooming Workshop Jan-Feb
Picture Perception July
Vivaad October
Enquesta Once Every Module
What if January and July
Guest Lectures Depends on Speakers, content and their availability
Tatva Monthly
SIP Preparation June-July
Acing Placements Workshop(for Summers and Final Placements) July-Aug, Oct-Nov

Photographs (committee members group photo + organised events)


Guest lecture on the topic of Business Etiquette by Shital Kakkar Mehra, India’s leading business etiquette, and international protocol consultant.


Session by Kraftshala Head, Mr Varun Satia, on Internship Hacks, 5 Internship break out moments where you can wow your recruiter.


What If

It is a 3 Round event that evaluates your writing skills (Round 1), Group Discussions (Round 2) and presentation skills (Round 3) on topics that are hypothetical and make an interesting topic for conversation. It is open to students across all batches and enables them to fine tune their skills ahead of their all-important corporate interaction.



Personality Development Committee hosts its own intra-college quiz competition, Enquesta. The quiz is aimed to keep the students on their toes with the current events around as well as give them an opportunity to test their memory with industry trivia.

It starts with an online event, post which winners getting a chance to go head to head with the best in an offline round of trivia.


Tatva: Life and Musings

Tatva: Life and Musings is a monthly newsletter envisaged by the Personality Development Committee that will be emailed to the entire NITIE fraternity. It is intended to serve as a medium that will bring together all the batches of NITIE including IM, IE, ISEM, PM, MM, VLFM, the fellows and hopefully even the faculty of NITIE. It will contain articles on various topics such as articles by our alumni about their experiences, faculty interviews and articles about their subject matter, experiences of PPO holders as well as other creative content such as prose, poetry, photographs, sketches etc sourced from the students of the different batches of NITIE. The newsletter will also contain articles by the placement committee about the feedback they received from the companies that visited our campus for the placement processes so that the students can better understand where they went wrong and what they need to improve. The committees and forums that conduct events such as Avartan, Lakshya etc can also write about their experiences in organising their events so that future batches that will be organising these events can understand the challenges in conducting such events.


  • FacultyCorporate Grooming
  • FacultyDining Etiquette
  • FacultySIP Preparation


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Committee Mail ID –

Social Handel link (FB/Twitter/LinkedIn) -

Committee Structure

Faculty Advisor: Prof. Upasna Agarwal


Team members:

Sr.No. Name Mail ID Contact No Role Responsibility Batch
1 Vineet Tiwari 9537172732 Tatva 2018
2 Paragjyoti Saikia 9864993484 Vivaad 2018
3 Akhil Yadav 8882217857 Overall SPOC 2018
4 Subhra Pratim 9913488584 Picture Perception 2018
5 Sanchari Das 8291438229 Assertiveness Workshop 2018
6 Pramod Yadav 7044984799 Corporate Grooming 2018
7 Kaustubh Lalit 9691515396 Presentation Workshop 2018
8 Samarjit Singh 9953071639 Acing Placements 2018
9 Rahul Gotmare 8793230182 Acing Placements 2018
10 Prathmesh Khete 9405910151 Dining Etiquette Workshop 2018
11 Anjali Andhare 9968842929 Email Etiquette Workshop 2018
12 Gautam Borchetiya 8472050705 What If 2018
13 K Aditya 7259630174 SIP Preparation and Overall SPOC 2019
14 Leon Ravi 8056039839 Vivaad and Tatva 2019
15 Kartik K 9895565999 Picture Perception 2019
16 Prasad Patkar 9901903099 Enquesta 2019
17 Soham Debnath 9476428618 Email Etiquette Workshop 2019
18 Sreejith R 9552528250 Guest Lecture 2019
19 Alpana Garkoti 7895371747 What If 2019
20 Kapil Pandey 8871708597 Tatva 2019
21 Chakradhar Nemani 9705633997 Guest Lecture and Tatva 2019
22 Pranjal Warambhe 8087947740 Social Media 2019
23 Ranjit Kumar 8558913410 Presentation Workshop 2019
24 Amarratan M 9818628969 Dining Etiquette Workshop 2019
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