NITIE Centre for Communication Studies

Centre Objectives:

  • To organize workshops to facilitate students in enhancing communication and interpersonal skills.
  • To set up a Communication Skills Laboratory that gives opportunities to students to improve their communication skills
  • Conduct guest lectures featuring business experts and executives to learn about business practices
  • Organize roundtable and conferences to facilitate interaction of academia and industry to discuss latest practices in communication
  • Generate intellectual capital in the space of human communication.

Current Activities in Centre

  • Soaring eagles workshop

    A Three Day GDPI Workshop was conducted for the first year students in order to groom them for their preparations for Summer Internship Placements. The Event was conducted for a batch of 30 students during July 2018

  • Nitie toastmasters club

    The Toastmaster club of NITIE conducts sessions twice every week

  • Accent neutralization workshop

    40 hours long Accent Neutralization Workshop wasconductedin two halves with the first half being conducted during November 2016 and the second half during January 2017. The training was aimed at minimizing the effect of native accents in English communication.

  • Email etiquettes workshop

    A four-hour long Email Etiquette Workshop was conducted on February 2018. The purpose of the workshop was to help students write formal emails in a business setup.

  • Presentation skills workshop

    A four-hour long workshop on “Presentation Skills” in February 2018. The workshop aimed at honing the presentation skills of the students, which will be helpful in their professional life. The areas focused in the workshop were- Connecting with the audience; Structure of the presentation; Powerful slides and visual aid, Podium skills - Voice, Tone, Appearance, Skill practice through the individual presentation.

  • Dining etiquette workshop

    NITIE Centre for Communication Studies organized a workshop on Dining Etiquette aimed at helping the students to know the Do’s and Don’ts of Corporate Dining. The session covered topics viz- Seating Strategy, Business Talk and Taboo Topics, Handling the Bill, Styles of Eating: Continental and American, The Dinner Napkin, Bread and Butter, The Different food courses, Passing Food and toasting, among others. Moreover, the participants were also encouraged to have the hands-on experience with the cutlery and the food.

  • Corporate grooming workshop

    A four-hour workshop on Corporate Grooming was organized with the aim of imparting skills to students to conduct oneself as a professional in a corporate setting. The topics coveredwere- the art of Introduction & addressing people at the workplace, Greeting people appropriately, Knowledge about types of Handshakes, Exchanging business cards appropriately, Following meeting etiquette, Nuances of dressing & grooming for the workplace. Role plays and exercises were used to improve the grasp on the topics covered.

  • Workshop on “being proactive and responsible leader”

    NITIE Centre for Communication Studies (NCCS) conducted half-day workshop on “Being Proactive and Responsible Leader”, by an international award winning speaker Dr Sunita Didi Chandak on February 09, 2017. Honorable Director of NITIE, Prof Karuna Jain inaugurated the session by lamp lightning. 50+ students grabbed the opportunity along with NITIE Professors. This workshop was highly interactive, practical, and activity based. Workshop participants identified several key factors to be taken into account when reacting to any particular situation, with respect to pro-activeness. This workshop will for sure help to the all the participants in their daily social, academic, professional and personal life.

  • Global leadership experience

    Four-dayGlobal Leadership Experience was hosted jointly by IIT Bombay and NITIE Mumbai with the first two days session (22nd and 23rd November) at IIT Bombay and last two days (24th and 25th November) at NITIE Mumbai. A total of 100 students participated in the event. The staff of Common purpose Archana Bhaskar, Dikccha Gautam, Katie McEvoy conducted the event. This year’s Global Leadership Experience addressed a pressing global issue: “How can you increase civic engagement in your city?”


  • Picture perception

    A ‘Picture Perception’ competition was aimed at harnessing the creative writing and imagination skills of the students. The entries were judged on the following parameters – Clarity of thoughts, articulation, creativity and relevance and depth of the title.


    ‘WHAT IF’ was conducted in three rounds. In the first round, the participants were given a topic to write on within a given time frame. The answers were required to submit online. The topic given was ‘What if India was never partitioned by the British in 1947?’

Guest Lectures

  • NITIE Centre for Communication Studies organized a guest lecture on the topic of Business Etiquette. Shital KakkarMehra, India’s leading business etiquette, and international protocol consultant conducted this talk.
  • A session by Kraftshala on Internship Hacks, 5 Internship break out moments where you can wow your recruiter was organized. Mr. Varun Satia, the founder of Kraftshala, India's premier business training platform conducted this talk.


NITIE Centre for Communication Studies, launched a magazineTatva: Life and Musings. It is a monthly newsletter envisaged by the Personality Development Committee that will be emailed to the entire NITIE fraternity. It is intended to serve as a medium that will bring together all the batches of NITIE including IM, IE, ISEM, PM, MM, VLFM, the fellows and the faculty of NITIE

Research Activities

  • A paper titled “Communication Styles of Millennials: Trends and Relevance” is communicated to a journal
  • Currently, we are working on developing case-lets along with their teaching notes. These will be useful for teaching communication topics.
  • In future, we propose to communicate papers to reputed conferences and journals for publications.


Prof. Karuna Jain

Prof. Karuna Jain
Research Interest: Food Supply Chains, Technology Diffusion, Project Management, Cold Chains, Port Logistics

Prof. Manoj K. Jha

Prof. Manoj K. Jha
Research Interest: B2B Marketing, Technology in SCM, Port Logistics

Prof. Priyanka Verma

Prof. Priyanka Verma
Research Interest: Sustainable SCM, Project Management, Industry 4.0, OR Modelling


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