Sponsored Projects

Sr. No. Project Investigator/s Title Commenced in Status
1 Prof. B. M. Ghodeswar Attributes and Associations in Building Service Brands 2013 Data collection & analysis in progress
2 Prof. Pradip K. Biswas Developing of one Computerized Energy Audit Model for Plant Level Energy Audit 2014 Project complete,
compilation remaining
3 Prof. Shankar Murthy Understanding household waste minimization behaviour 2014 Completed, financial
settlement pending
4 Prof. Ranjan Chaudhuri Value Chain Analysis of Onion from Farm to Market for both Traditional Retail and Modern Retail 2014 Report preparation in
5 Prof. Sumi Jha
Prof. Som Sekhar Bhattacharya
To explicate the emergent facets of strategy and leadership in the context of the emerging economy of India 2014 Literature review
completed, data analysis under progress
6 Prof. Neeraj Pandey Developing a multi-item scale for measuring Social Networking Sites’s (SNS) promotion effectiveness 2013 Completed and closure report to be filed
7 Prof. Vivek Khanzode Agent-based Modeling of Lean Manufacturing Systems 2014 Literature review
8 Prof. Upasna A. Agarwal Bridging Academician-Practitioner Divide: Creating Evidence Based Management 2014 Ongoing
9 Prof. Hema Diwan Understanding linkages of agriculture, food security & environmental sustainability 2014 Sector Selected: Fertilizer, Literature view completed,
sampling in progress
10 Porf. R. Mukundan
Prof. Ruchita Gupta
A Strategic Analysis of Incubator and Research Park Approach towards High Technology Entrepreneurship 2014 Questionnaire
for discussion based
on literature is completed.
Pilot study being initiated.
11 Prof. Priyanka Verma
Prof. Ravindra S. Gokhale
Coordinating Movement of Goods in a Supply Chain: The Indian Context 2014 Data collection and
experimentation in progress
12 Binilkumar Amarayil Sreeraman Estimating Farmers Preferences over Improved Conservation of KoI Wetlands in Kerala 2015 Ongoing
13 Prof. Sanjeev Verma Determinants of Behavioral Intention to use SNS for Expressive Participation 2014 Completed & closed.
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