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NITIE aspires to emerge as an international knowledge hub in India. NITIE aims to amalgamate knowledge, culture and experience to create a new breed of students. It desires to provide a platform for the bright minds to assimilate and garner global perspectives. It helps the international students to acquire knowledge in the context of a developing economy. NITIE associates with institutions which are renowned in the fields of Management in Operations & Supply Chain, Industrial Engineering, Safety & Environmental Management, Project Management & Manufacturing Management.

NITIE strives to develop international relations that will go beyond the scope of student exchange programs. NITIE is looking forward to expand its global reach by forging joint research between NITIE’s faculty and International universities. Such Faculty exchange program between partner universities would aid in evolving the pedagogy followed. NITIE is also eager to promote joint conferences seminars, joint executive training programs.

What Makes NITIE



National Rankings

  • 9th By Outlook India's list of top 100 B-schools in India - 2015
  • 2nd Among top government B-Schools of India by CSR Survey - 2015
  • 12th Among best B-Schools of India by Business Today - 2014
  • 2nd Among top B-Schools (for industry placements) by Higher Education Review's Top B-School's survey - 2014
  • 2ndRank in "Go-Getter" best B-school Survey - 2014
  • 2ndRank in Higher Education Review's top B-school Survey - 2014
  • 1st Among B-Schools for "MBA in SCM/Operations" in India by Career Anna Rankings - 2014
  • 1st Among Top B-Schools by Infrastructure and facilities by Higher Education Review's Top B-School Survey - 2014

NITIE vouches for its quality of leaders trained annually,
adding value across industrial sectors worldwide

NITIE has a dynamic , diverse and vibrant student community. Owing to the extremely rigorous selection process, only the best students are able to make it to NITIE. These students hail from a variety of academic and professional backgrounds. However, they share a common enthusiasm for learning & perfecting skills. At NITIE many students have handled foreign assignments and have international professional experience with American Bank, IBM, Samsung, Caterpillar, Robert Bosch, SAP etc. They have worked in domains like Supply Chain, Automotive Manufacturing, Banking, Network Infrastructure & Security, Software Product Development, Insurance, Telecom, Business Intelligence and Healthcare.


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One of the biggest strengths is our world renowned faculty. The Institute is privileged to host faculties who have distinguished themselves as teachers, researchers and consultants of extraordinary caliber. Nearly all faculty members have doctorates, with many of them having extensive teaching experience in globally renowned business schools. In addition, many have substantial full-time industry experience. There is continuous interaction between the faculty and industry, with members taking up consulting assignments for companies, the Indian Government and other international agencies. You can read more about faculty and research by clicking on the link below.

International Faculty:
Faculty members from globally renowned universities and corporates visit NITIE for taking sessions, topics and various courses. They deliver guest lectures by coming down to NITIE or by online video streaming. This helps participants to gain a global exposure and benchmark themselves with updated practices globally.



Post Graduate Diploma Programs

Industrial Engineering

PGDIE is one of the few courses that enjoy corporate excellence for over four decades. Since its inception, it has been enabling students with methodologies and systematic approaches to deal with diverse industrial challenges. It has management professionals capable of steering organizations along the growth path. As part of the course curriculum, the capstone project aims at exposing them to advanced topics that cater to research activities.

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Industrial Management

PGDIM aims to groom the brightest engineering minds of the country into young managers who will not only design better procedures and systems but also manage associated technologies successfully. The program strives to leverage the students' expertise in handling scientific management principles, methodologies, quantitative and analytical skills. It aims to develop their ability to adapt, apply and integrate these skills to enhance managerial effectiveness. It blends classroom work with handsome industry internships.

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Manufacturing Management

PGDMM is focused to develop human capital capable of designing and redesigning the most effective manufacturing systems as per business needs. The products of the program are equipped with the essence of various functions like procurement, supply chain, necessary for developing manufacturing strategy and exploiting manufacturing capability for achieving business competitiveness. Perspectives across value spectrum through factor input market, manufacturing systems, delivery systems with specialized inputs.

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Safety and Environmental Management

PGDISEM: In this era of globalization, organizations face a major challenge in evaluating the long-term impact of their business decisions. Today, the industries need cross functional managers with an ability to understand various business functions and forecast their impacts. This is a one-of-a-kind course in South-East Asia having a prime focus on Environmental Management, Safety, Sustainability and Human Factors. The program takes in First-Class engineers and gives them a rigorous grounding in the tenets of environmental and safety management as well as general management and operations, which is the core capability of the institute.

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Project Management

PGDPM helps students contribute towards making processes, products and systems better. It covers a wide spectrum of courses with focus on 'Functional Development', 'Skill Development' and 'Perspective Development' along with 'Program Core' courses which provide complimentary skill sets that blend well for successful execution of projects.

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Fellowship: NITIE offers a Doctoral Level Fellowship Program recognized by Ministry of HRD as equivalent to PhD of any Indian University. It is a programme with a view to mould individuals competent enough for a career in academic, research, business and consulting. The Fellow Program of NITIE was started in 1980, since then nearly 60 Fellowship (Doctoral) Degrees have been awarded. Fellowship Program alumni are placed in academics and industry. Now more than 60 candidates are enrolled for the same and an average of six Fellowships is awarded in a year.

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Visionary Leaders for Manufacturing is a ONE year Executive Program jointly conducted by NITIE Mumbai and IIT Delhi for Mid and Senior level managers. It envisions to create a distinct set of visionary leaders with abilities to contextualise and contribute to the manufacturing renaissance of the nation. PGPEX-VLFM is designed with a philosophy of proactive approach to the manufacturing paradigms and create the change agents who would provide the strategic impetus for manufacturing in India.

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Industry Partnerships

As a leading Industrial Management institution in Asia, NITIE has close connections with industries in India and abroad. These connections arise out of consulting and customized training that faculty offer to organizations; the campus placements with firms around the world; the sponsorship of industry in research activities and from the Management Development Programs (MDP) that the institute conducts. More than 10000 managers have been trained in MDPs from over 100 firms , some of which are:


International Exchange

Post Graduate Exchange Programs

NITIE students would participate in an Immersion Program at the Host University. This will be 2-3 weeks of intensive interaction which would be a mix of:
  • Classroom based academic interaction with faculty of the host university
  • Industrial visits to the prominent firms located near the host university
  • Cultural exchange with local community
  • Selected second year students of NITIE will attend one semester (possibly in the months of September-March)
  • There will be a method of credit transfer between NITIE and the Host University
This program includes a First Year foundation program at NITIE, at the end of which NITIE will issue a certificate for the successful completion of the course after which the student will be absorbed by the Host University for the second year
  • NITIE students spend 2 years in NITIE and 1 year in the Host University
  • At the end of the third year, a student would be awarded with 2 degrees (Diploma from NITIE and a specialized degree from the Host University)

Fellow Exchange Programs

  • FIP
    Fellow students are allowed to go abroad to enhance/improve their research. With respect to FIP, a student can apply for any of the following, during their duration of Research in NITIE:
    1. International Guide as an external co-guide
    2. Work with International academic experts in a particular university
    3. Attend an international course
    4. Attend an international conference

Student & Faculty Exchange

Summary (2015-17)

NITIE students hosted abroad

At EC de Lille, France

  • Ankit Goyal (2015-16)
  • Ashish Gupta (2015-16)
  • Kalu Gurjar (2015-16)
  • Sahu Rabin Kumar (2015-16)
  • Pradip Kadam (2016-17)
  • Rohit Sood (2016-17)
  • Vaibhav Singh (2016-17)

At UW Bothell, U.S.A. (2015)

  • Amiteshwar Pal Singh
  • Swapnil Patkulkar
  • Neha Gupta
  • Pandurang Anant Nayak
  • Siddharth Jhala
  • Saket Tiwari
  • Rahul Sirohi

  •  Last Updated: 06/02/2018

NITIE as hosts

International students for exchange programs at NITIE

  • Alex (2015)
  • Geoff (2015)
  • Maxime (2015)
  • Corentin KIrbiller (2016)
  • Felix (2017)

  •  Last Updated: 06/02/2018

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