MIG - The Marketing Interest Group

The Marketing Interest Group is a small step in the march towards enhancement of knowledge through peer learning. The idea is to bring the marketing wizards of tomorrow to a common platform and share their wealth of knowledge and experience. Various methodologies used include simulation games, case study discussions and presentations by both students and eminent marketing specialists. MIG solely believes in spreading knowledge and generating a spark which eventually becomes a chain of thought and helps in developing marketing acumen. Some of our recent exercises include a consumer behavior survey at retail outlets and grocery shops in Mumbai, a direct selling exercise and a marketing research exercise. MIG was also proud to witness the presentation of Mr. Adesh Mathur who was the winner of CNBC smart manager contest this year.


The STREET - a forum for finance enthusiasts is dedicated to nurturing interest and knowledge beyond the classroom. Through its ties with the industry the members are updated on the latest trends and developments in corporate finance, capital markets and investment banking and other related areas. The street also conducts internal simulation games on portfolio management, case study competitions and presentations to allow students to hone their skills. The street also plays an important role in the annual B-School event in organizing simulation games on finance.

TMX - the IT Syndicate

The core competency of an IT / Systems manager is comfort with technology. NITIE is the breeding ground for techno-managers and the ITS acts as a platform to allow convergence of knowledge from all possible sources and its subsequent dissemination to everyone having interest. The ITS believes that the future will be driven by technology and hence its mission is to provide a forum for members to learn about IT, telecom, networking and related industries through informal discussions, presentations, interaction with industry veterans, field trips to off-site locations, and series of tutorials. The ITS meets every week to interact, discuss, and present new issues, developments and ideas.

C2X - Chain to Excellence

The importance of Supply Chain Management cannot be overlooked in the modern business scenario. When all the companies have the same set of manufacturing capabilities, a well integrated and responsive supply chain happens to be the key differentiator. The role of SCM becomes much more challenging in a vast country like India where there are numerous constraints C2X, a.k.a. Chain to Excellence, the supply chain forum is an endeavor by the students of PGDIM, NITIE to share and research the latest trends in the supply chain. NITIE being known as Mecca of Supply Chain in India, there is an additional responsibility on the shoulders of students to make them equipped with all the latest trends and happenings in the Supply Chain Management arena. The forum tries to ignite the minds of students in the field by organizing weekly activities like Group Discussions, presentations, guest lectures, case studies etc. The raison d'etre of C2X is to supplement the teachings at the institute. The forum also provides an opportunity to the students to explore new frameworks, models and trends in supply chain.

Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE)

Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CIE) is a student driven and faculty guided entrepreneurship cell at NITIE. It was started with a vision of creating a dynamic ecosystem that will enable latent ideas realize their full potential.

Our endeavor is to encourage the spirit of innovation among business managers and motivate them to convert their ideas into viable enterprises. CIE strives to become a well networked & information rich support system for budding entrepreneurs seeking guidance from experts and successful entrepreneurs.

We believe that our nation's growth story will reach its pinnacle only if we provide a window of opportunity to the raw entrepreneurial talent that we have in our country. CIE is just one small step that direction with the mission of "Enabling the first step".

In consonance with the above, CIE aims at:

  • Disseminating new knowledge and insights in entrepreneurial theory and practice through lectures and workshops.
  • Collaborate with similar bodies in other B-schools & technology institutes to accomplish the above objectives.
  • Seek tie-ups with Non-profit Entrepreneurial organizations connecting CIE to global network of entrepreneurs.
  • Create a strong network of successful entrepreneurs who would like to guide budding entrepreneurs.



NITIE is proud to have a very vibrant and enthusiastic student community. All activities on campus are, in one way or another driven by the various student committees, forums and interest groups. While the committees concentrate on the functional aspects of managing a B-school, the forums aim at an all round intellectual development of the future managers through various activities like knowledge sharing discussions, case study analysis and a number of intra and inter B-school contests like Marksfete. We have come together and formed MBAlive, or Market and Business Alive, to encourage this endeavour.

The feature article "Integrant" brings forth perceptions, ideas and opinions formed by the to-be managers as they move through the learning and application phase of their education here in NITIE.

Optimal Terrain, under the aegis of C2X, or Chain to Excellence forum, hosts articles related to Supply Chain Management and Operations, iTrix Gauge, under the aegis of Technomatrix, deals with the happenings in the field of information technology, Mandi Mantras, helped by MIG or the Marketing Interest Group, keeps track of the latest in marketing and Maverick's Lounge, under the aegis of The Street, talks about corporate finance, capital markets, investment banking and other related areas.

Dalal Street is a walk through of the market trends by Arth , NITIE's quasi- mutual fund run by a strong team of fundamental and technical analysts – all students. Arth's primary scheme today, is an open ended equity diversified scheme concentrating primarily on midcaps.

Cup of Tea is the "break from it all" section, and can be considered an extension of the Just Talk forum, where students are free to express their thoughts on varied topics ranging from chaos theory to meaning-of-life philosophy.

La Quiz is the open-to-all quiz that will vary in content and intensity through each edition. Gurukul is MBALive's part glossary of terms one comes across in the corporate world. Zoink is the informal cartoon section of the magazine.

ARTH - Nitie's Mutual Fund

"Arth", NITIE's quasi- mutual fund is the brainchild of students of the PGDIM course. What was just started as an idea, between batch mates with a common interest & curiosity in the capital markets, has now become a common platform of learning and achievements for the students of NITIE. Quite a few B-Schools in India have such a platform.

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We made a humble beginning in the Model of Mutual Fund (hence quasi-mutual fund) space with the launch of our first scheme in August, 2004 with "learning through real investment" in mind. Today we give above average market return of our investors while we are intact in our objectives.

ARTH Fund is a diversified equity scheme which aims to deliver consistent and superior performance through a diversified portfolio of stocks with a bias towards large cap stocks. The large caps portfolio would comprise of blue chip companies, which are undervalued and/or have higher long-term growth prospects. These companies typically are the main force driving India's high economic growth and represent sustainable high profit generation. Their large market capitalization, make their stocks less volatile and are preferred by investors as core equity holdings. In our investment process, the entire emphasis is on disciplined, superior stock selection with the aim of providing consistent investment performance. The overall strategy is to deliver superior performance by taking correspondingly lower risk.


  • Gaining goal-driven knowledge and analytical skills to a degree of competence.
  • Achieving consistent and above market returns, without indulging in short term trading.


Nature of Scheme Open Ended Diversified Equity Scheme
Ideally Suited For Investors seeking a diversified approach to investing in equity markets
Investment Pattern Equities
Options Growth Model
Minimum Application Amount Rs.500/- and in multiples of Re.1 thereafter
Entry Load No Entry load
Exit Load No Exit load
Benchmark BSE - 100
Fund inception August 22, 2004, with an initial corpus of Rs 21,000.
Managed by student fund managers - a team of fundamental and technical analysts

What's New?

  • Publishing a monthly e - newsletter informing investors current fund performance, providing reports on performing sectors, technical analysis and investment calls.
  • Coming out with the formal offer document for previous and new investors, and publishing a bill book for the same.
  • Launching a web portal for regular tracking of fund performance and for knowledge sharing.

Just Talk

Once touted as the consultants' club, Round table has grown much beyond. Rechristened Just Talk in a new avtar, the club emphasizes on free flow of ideas and discussions on the latest issues that may end up impacting today's lines of business.

Every week the members meet to exchange their thoughts and improve their communication skills in form of Role Plays, discussion, Group Discussions. The club envisages to develop an attitude of questioning in its members and acts as a precursor to changing business attitudes and environment.

BT Acumen

NITIE has been proudly associated with the organization of western zone elimination rounds for Acumen 2002 and 2003 and we hope to continue this association of mutual benefit for years to come. It is a national level B-school challenge that is promoted by Business Today in association with Standard Chartered. This is an event, which is a path-breaking initiative by these partners for B-Schools across the nation. Quizzes, Debates and Case Games are the agenda of Acumen. The regional rounds are organized in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Calcutta where the sharp minds of some of the best B-Schools showcase their business Acumen. The zonal winners proceed to fight it out at the finals in Delhi. Acumen 2003 saw NITIE as the runner up of western zone elimination round.