Contributing to NEP 2020 Implementation


NITIE has taken a social initiative to promote the Government of India's National Education Policy (NEP), 2020. Various online counselling sessions have been organized since February 2021 under the Parivartan Forum of NITIE to help children coming from rural areas and to show them the right path through NITIE Diversity Equity and Inclusion Cell.

The students of NITIE worked as mentors to class 6-9 students from rural schools of India on various aspects of life skills, technology, human and social values, entrepreneurial mindset and career opportunities. So far, more than 2,500 online counselling sessions, various competitions, career guidance sessions and development training sessions have been organized under this program.

Under the National Education Policy 2020, NITIE is now going a step further with the NITIE Inclusion Initiative for Children's Education by providing benefits of this program to school students living near NITIE as well.

With this objective, Parivartan will also start an offline mentoring program. The students of NITIE will mentor 30 students from Passpoli NITIE Marathi School and Passpoli Garden School with the help of Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation under the first phase of this program. The DEI team of NITIE (Prof. Upasna A Agarwal, DEI-Chair, Prof. Nikhil K. Mehta, Coordinator-Parivartan, Prof. Poonam Singh and Prof. Megha Gupta) is continuously working on the transformational activities.

Our deepest gratitude to Shri Rajesh Kankal (Education Officer, Brihan Mumbai Maha Nagar Palika Shikshan Vibhaag), Mrs Manda Lohare, Headmaster, Passpoli NITIE Municipal School and Mrs Meera Dahade, Headmaster, Passpoli BMC schools, and all the schoolteachers. Today, we were pleased to be in the presence of the participating children, teachers, and future mentors.

Mrs. Manda Lohare, Headmaster, Passpoli NITIE Municipal School thanked and appreciated the efforts taken by NITIE, Mumbai. We sincerely thank Prof. Vivek Khanzode, Dean (PA) and Prof. Manoj Kumar, Tiwari Director, NITIE, for their constant support and motivation.


Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a Fire -W. B Yeats

A nation can never reach glory unless the children of the nation are enlightened with education. With a vision to create an 'Atmanirbhar Bharat', NITIE has commenced the journey to bring meaningful change in the life of the children in rural areas using technology. This task is being undertaken by the Rural Education Transformation forum – PARIVATIAN. The forum aims to disseminate knowledge using technology and foster critical thinking and life skills among the bright young minds of students in India rural, a section often overlooked.

There is no second opinion about the crucial role that education plays in shaping an individual's personality. This constitutes the central focus of the National Education Policy (NEP). With the purpose of contributing to the implementation of NEP in effectuating holistic learning in rural schools and building an 'Atmanirbhar Bharat' envisioned by honorable prime minister Narendra Modiji, NITIE, under the guidance of Director Prof. Manoj Kumar Tiwari, NITIE has constituted Parivartan Forum. The objectives of the Forum are:

  • Contributing to the implementation of NEP 2020 by implementing 'Technology Enabled Holistic Learning in Rural School’.
  • Building cognitive and life skills among rural children
  • Preservation and fostering Indian culture and ethos
  • Promoting UN Sustainable Development Goals

The forum has focused on the creation of interactive educational videos for rural schools. Apart from imparting knowledge, various career guidance and skill-building initiatives are being undertaken.

Using technology, every Sunday Parivartan PGP students meet their mentees and have conversations. Different themes like knowledge about Indian Culture and Heritage, Life skills, character-building. The Mentorship program has successfully completed 440 hours of such one-on-one sessions. The mentorship program also emphasizes experiential learning, and students are given various tasks and activities to perform. Studied focus is given to the introduction of UN’s Sustainability Development Goals (SDG). UN SDG 3, 12, 15 that focuses on health and well-being, responsible consumption, and production & life on land were showcased by the mentees during various competitions held.

Inspired by the overwhelming accomplishment and response from the kids, we have successfully started the Phase-II of the mentorship program, this time with 41 mentors and mentees.

These activities are undertaken with the support of The Bombay mothers and children welfare society and focused on schools situated in Rajguru Nagar District.

Contributing to NED 2020 Implementation
Contributing to NED 2020 Implementation
Contributing to NED 2020 Implementation
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