Custom Programs

Every organization faces the continuous challenges of:

  • Keeping pace with latest concepts and techniques indifferent fields.
  • Providing training support in specific areas to specific groups.
  • Enthusing employees for further training and influencing their attitudes.
  • Working for still higher productivity.

NITIE assists the organizations through its Units Based Programmes which:

  • Cover the latest concepts and techniques indifferent field of functional and general management.
  • Are designed to meet identified training needs that will influence the attitude of employees and make them learning-oriented.
  • Are continuously updates with the experience gained in increasing productivity indifferent organizations

NITIE’s Goals for Unit Based Programmes:

NITIE helps to increase the Enterprise’s effectiveness through the following objectives:

  • Diagnose and assess training needs in different functional areas, and design the training programmes, adding the latest concepts and techniques in the relevant filed of management.
  • Identify areas for productivity improvement and enable the executives and employees to apply the knowledge gained, to real-life problems in their organization.
  • Increase enterprise effectiveness through in-company programmes to meet the specific needs of the organization.
  • Create an awareness of the value of training and bring about a change in the attitude of the employees.
  • Maintain a close linkage and liaison with the business and industry in relation to the training to be imparted a different levels.

NITIE’s approach to Unit Based Programmes

NITIE faculty conduct Pre-Training Survey (PTS) for 1 or 2 days, (if necessary), to assess training needs of organization. Programmes designed and implemented on the basis of a PTS create more interest to the participants in the sessions and increase the worth and effectiveness of the training. PTS also helps to identify appropriate duration of the programme. Thus, PTS enable to collect the necessary inputs for the programme relating to the organization. After the PTS is over, NITIE team of faculty who conduct the study, draw up a programme schedule mutually acceptable to the organization and NITIE. On confirmation thereof, the programmes are conducted for the duration agreed upon.