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Holiday List - 2020 Holiday_list_2020.pdf application/pdf (588.75 KB)
Accommodation Policy of NITIE Accommodation_Policy_of_NITIE_2006.pdf application/pdf (1.03 MB)
HOLIDAYS FOR THE YEAR 2019 holiday_2019.pdf application/pdf (57.76 KB)
Item list for Vendor Registration Item_wise_list_for_Vendor_Registration.pdf application/pdf (11.93 KB)
Vendor Registration Form VENDOR_REGISTRATION_FORM_New.pdf application/pdf (97.99 KB)
GST Registration Number Goods_and_Service_Tax_Registration_Details.pdf application/pdf (209.65 KB)
Annual Report 2013-2014 Annual_Report_2013_14_FINAL.pdf application/pdf (2.37 MB)
Annual Report 2014-2015 NITIE_ENG_AR_2014_15_FINAL.pdf application/pdf (2.41 MB)
Annual Report 2016-2017 Annual_Report_2016_17_English.pdf application/pdf (3.35 MB)
NITIE Service Rules
CCA Rules & Conduct Rules 1988
Office Memorandum regarding representation from Government Servant on service matters cvo1.pdf application/pdf (643.66 KB)
Anti Ragging Notification
Mandatory Disclosures-2017 Mandatory_Disclosure_Updated_19_06_2018.pdf application/pdf (4.85 MB)
Tenders & Notices
MDP Calendar 2020-2021 MDP_Calendar_Website_Dean_Research_and_Consultancy_23_03_2020.pdf application/pdf (254.81 KB)
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