Duties and responsibilities of Deans

Deans are the functional heads of certain centralized activities. Depending on the requirements these positions will be created by Board. Activities, authorities and financial power will be decided by BOG from time to time. The Deans will be nominated by the Director. The tenure of the Dean will ordinarily for two years unless otherwise desired by the Director and it will not be for more than two consecutive terms. The Deans shall be directly responsible to the Director of the Institute for the proper discharge of his duties and functions

The Board at its 143rd meeting held on 27.3.2014 approved the following roles of Deans' Committee comprising Director as Chairperson and Deans as members:

  • to develop policies for various academic and administrative activities (academic policy, placement policy, IT policy, IP policy, student affairs policy, recruitment policy, etc.)
  • to identify industry/institutions for collaboration and approve MoUs for collaborations.
  • to recommend to the appropriate authority short time contract/ temporary appointments (1-2 years) for faculty / staff.
  • to advice various administrative matters that may have long term impact (cadre review, HAG, etc.)
  • any other issues on involvement of the Institute in various association / academic bodies, etc.

Duties and responsibilities of

Dean (Student Affairs)

  • Responsible in campus discipline of the students and coordinate the same with the hostel wardens
  • Chairperson of the Proctorial Committee to prevent ragging
  • Encourage healthy living and lively positive relationships among students and the campus community
  • Plan and organize various co- and extra-curricular activities
  • Manage, and act as Faculty Advisor for  Students events including  De Novo, Samiksha, Prerana, Lakshya, Envision, Litmus and Panel Discussions, sports meet etc., coordinate dates, timing, preparation of budgets and provision of funds
  • Analyze placement data to gather an understanding for future trends and articulate needs for institute level planning and budgeting
  • Student's projects- mid tem and final Placement activities
  • Involve faculty members in Pre-placement Talk, project selection and final placement of students
  • Regularly meet with faculty members  to solicit the expertise in placement activities with regard to initializing and planning for future activities
  • Interact with students to keep them informed about the latest market trends and skills demands so that they can update themselves and prepare best for their career
  • Boost up student morale and counsel them before they undergo summer and final placement activities
  • Provide feedback to faculty members on placement opportunities
  • Build relationships with Alumni through seminars, annual meets, etc.
  • Act as Institute-Industry interface including publicity, news bulletins, brochures preparation/distribution, etc.
  • Plan for accommodation of parents and family members of students during Admission, Convocation, etc.

Dean, Planning and Coordination

The Dean, Planning & Coordination will primarily plan for the growth and development of the Institute. The roles and responsibilities of Dean, Planning and Coordination are as follows:

  1. To coordinate for broad policy issues pertaining to the Institute’s functioning and to have a better interaction amongst the offices of Director, Registrar and other sections of administration for smooth functioning;
  2. To coordinate matters pertaining to administration, establishment and budgetary management by interacting with various sections;
  3. Planning and coordination to prepare long term perspective plan; suggest policy development and program evaluation for growth and development of the Institute; 
  4. Follow up and coordination of the activities relating to the Ranking, Accreditation, Outreach, etc. and establish connect with government agencies at both State and Central level;
  5. Identify industry / institutions for collaboration and involvement of Institute in various association / academic bodies, etc.

Dean, Alumni &International Affairs

The alumni are one of the crucial pillars of the Institute who are our ambassadors to the industry and our society. NITIE is known for its strong Industry connect, extensive outreach activities which is primarily because of its Alumni who are at the helm of affairs in various industries and continue to steer their respective organisations.

It is proposed to create one Dean to further strengthen the relations with alumni to receive wholehearted participation of alumni in every endeavour and the Institute.  The Dean (Alumni Affairs) will closely work with Director and interact with the alumni and to catalyse the alumni relations. 

Dean, Alumni &International Affairs

  1. Training, Internship programmes through NITIE Alumni connect and corporate sources.
  2. Involving alumni to contribute in academic activities like mentorship and other academic and professional engagements, research and industry exposure to students.
  3. Engaging alumni in development/advancement of Institute through collective collaboration and contribution.
  4. Connecting with alumni to enhance the image of NITIE and furthering its outreach.
  5. Constant and consistent effort to engage with the alumni through various Institute academic programmes.
  6. To create and oversee various plans to reach-out to entire alumni base though an effective leadership in realizing our vison and mission.