Maintaining its successful track record of 100% placement year after year, NITIE yet again revels as it brings true enrichment and value for its MBA 2017-19 batch of 384 students. Here’s a brief overview of what goes on behind this prestigious institute
Over the years, NITIE (National Institute of Industrial Engineering) has created a niche within a niche by offering in-depth and diverse programs in categories such as technology, manufacturing, strategy and sustainability. The prestigious institute has been instrumental in changing the lives of all its students for the better by training young minds to be a good fit for relevant industries. Located at the business-centre of South-East Asia, Mumbai, NITIE serves as the Mecca of supply chain and operations. The recent placement round further helps establish NITIE as the top choice of recruiters for Supply Chain, Operations, Consulting, BFSI and IT/Analytics roles. The placements season for the class of 2019 was remarkable as NITIE saw a diverse mix of companies spread across various domains and functions, offering niche roles to the students.

An enriching student life
Life at NITIE is interesting, busy and productive. Apart from the in-built academic rigour and associated exercises, vibrant academic and non-academic student-driven committees exist which foster the right values, leadership, commitment, ownership and a right approach. The students in all their endeavours are supported by excellent infrastructure, state-of-the-art library, best computational prowess, experienced faculty, trained staff and a 63 acre lush green campus. Thus, it comes as no surprise that NITIE is ranked 8th by The Week among top government B-Schools in India, rank 9th by Career 360 and Rank 11th by Business Today.

A growing community

With a prestigious alumni network, NITIE aims to up the temper by sheer motivation and right exposure. Amongst the illustrious alumni is the founder of Matic Network, Sandeep Nailwal. Nailwal’s Matic Network will be making its public sale on the world’s largest crypto exchange – Binance Launchpad, at a base valuation of USD 26.3 million (INR 190+ Crore). It will be the first project from India to be listed on Binance Launchpad - one of the biggest listing platforms in the crypto industry globally.
Furthermore, Dr Rakesh Sinha (Class of 1980), another renowned alumnus, received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the WBC Annual Supply Chain Awards and Conference in Mumbai, further adding to the repute of NITIE. Dr Sinha is the Global Head - Supply Chain, Manufacturing & IT at Godrej Consumer Products Limited. The list goes on with Ms. Shaveta Wadhera (Class of 2003), the CIO of the GE India Rail JV, who was featured in the prestigious 2019 Economic Times CIO list. Each year, NITIE hopes to add more feathers to its hat by grooming its students to hone industrial engineering aptitude, business acumen, and value based leadership as well as their interpersonal skills.
The guiding light
With the recently appointment of Prof. Manoj Kumar Tiwari (FNA, FNAS, FME FISE, and FILT) by the Ministry of HRD, Government of India as the Director, National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE), Mumbai in November, 2019, NITIE further hopes to bring an enhanced value to its students. Prof. Tiwari previously served as the Dean (Planning & Coordination) and Professor in the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at IIT Kharagpur.
With more than 307 papers in the International Journals to his credit, he occupies a lead rank among the top 100 individual researchers across the world in Production and Research by Taylor & Francis. He has also established a position for himself in the league of Top Leading Author in the domain of Supply Chain Analytical Techniques by the journal of Computer & Industrial Engineering. Amongst the brag worthy titles bestowed on him is the ‘Most Influential Researcher Award’ in the domain of Operations and Supply Chain Management by the School of Business and Economics.
Apart from Prof. Tiwari, NITIE ensures immense care in selection of the best faculty. The faculty is cherry-picked from those whose works are published in best journals and continue to collaborate, get involved with industry in consulting and training students. Collaborative efforts by the faculty towards growth and contribution have borne fruit in recent years. These efforts continue towards joint meaningful initiatives by the faculty and students, which are good for the global industrial sector.


The point of focus
For those looking to enrol in NITIE, a variety of programs await depending on an individual’s level of aptitude. Among these are the five most revered two year programs. NITIE also has a highly successful and rigorous fellowship program. All the resources are directed towards the following seven programs that NITIE nurtures and supports passionately:

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Engineering (PGDIE)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Management (PGDIM)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Safety and Environmental Management (PGDISEM)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Manufacturing Management (PGDMM)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Project Management (PGDPM)
  • PGPEX –Visionary Leaders for Manufacturing (VLFM)
  • Fellowship programme

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COVID19 has resulted in the enforcement of national lockdown for India and poses a threat to the economy, with all sectors devising ‘business continuity plans’ in response to one of the largest world-wide disasters to occur in recent history. With the sudden onset of the pandemic and subsequent lockdown to withhold its spread in the period of March-April 2020, the education sector has been hit at a critical phase when planned processes of admissions of new candidates, examinations and evaluations of students were either partially or completely halted across the country. This has major repercussions for nation building efforts as education is crucial today more than ever to foster critical thinking, scientific temper and strong managerial and leadership skills to deal with a hugely dynamic world.

During this pandemic, the National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE), faced major challenge to complete their academic process in time. It was to conduct year-end examinations that were due to be held in the end of March 2020 but had to be postponed as all students were required to vacate hostels and return home. Particularly, while the final-year students have completed all academic requirements and have also been placed in coveted roles across reputed companies in domains such as supply chain management, consulting and finance, the completion of examinations is a critical step to complete their academic journey. Naturally, these challenges are anxiety-inducing for NITIE’s primary stakeholders – current and potential students.

Digitalization of NITIE’s Academic Processes

Armed with a legacy of 57 years in the field of Industrial Engineering and Supply Chain Management, NITIE rose to the challenge to innovate and implement digital processes to ensure continuity in its academic programmes. Under the able leadership and guidance of NITIE’s Director Prof. Manoj K. Tiwari, the institute successfully completed online examinations for students in the final year, after a rigorous process of solution testing and process-redesign. The exams have been completed in the first week of May 2020, enabling students to join companies on a provisional graduation status.

Online Examinations at NITIE

To carry out online examinations, various digital solutions were evaluated and finally a lot of re-engineering was carried out to develop a unique hybrid model of online examination that could support the examination with digital as well as pen and paper model on the digital platform. Firstly, the solution had to ensure that the geographically-dispersed students were able to remotely access and attempt a 3-hour long examination securely from the comfort of their homes. Secondly, with the lockdown enforced even on NITIE’s employees, the solution had to provide faculty the ease of providing question papers across a range of subjects and to remotely view, evaluate and grade students’ submissions. Finally, the entire examination had to adhere to strict regulations that prevented undue plagiarism and copying between students.

After rigorous testing and evaluation of solutions, the institute decided upon a single pattern of paper that caters to the needs of the institute’s processes. Each faculty designed question papers that consisted of a set of objective questions (multiple choice, fill in the blanks, etc.) that are randomly administered to the student at the time of the exam and a set of questions that require descriptive answers (numerical problems, case studies, etc.) with sufficient reasoning. The students were also provided the scope for in-text answering and uploading scans of their written answers where needed. The mandated pattern of the examination provided the faculty the flexibility to design questions irrespective of the nature of their courses that ranged from highly quantitative subjects such as ‘Analytical Finance’, ‘Econometric Applications’ and ‘Advances Operational Research’ to subjects that required more discussion and interpretation such as ‘Managing Negotiations’ and ‘Competency Assessment’. The question papers were then uploaded onto a digital platform and scheduled to be administered to the students, with the help of a technology provider.

Collaboration and People Management

To adapt smoothly to the digital platform for online live-examinations within a span of a few weeks, the National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE) of Mumbai, also laid emphasis on onboarding all the primary stakeholders such as faculty, students and the academic section of the institute onto the platform with as less disruption as possible. Stakeholder consensus was developed at each stage of the process by conducting virtual meetings, capturing online feedback and familiarizing the students with the platform. This allowed everyone to voice their concerns and provide inputs, while a virtual helpdesk was instituted to address any student concerns and contingencies during the examinations. Consequently, the overall experience of candidates, students and faculty to NITIE’s initiatives has been generally positive. Based on this, the institute plans to roll out online examinations even for its first-year students.

The way forward for Education in India

NITIE’s experience supports that digital penetration and adoption across the country are at levels that can be used to kickstart a technological revolution for education in India. In its endeavour to ensure continuity in higher education, NITIE has undertaken a leap into this new technological revolution with promising results in the field of academics. This model will help several other institutes to conduct time-bound examinations that will ensure no disruptions in providing education to the youth of the country.


NITIE Mumbai is ranked 12th in NIRF India Ranking 2020 in Management Institute by MHRD. Govt. of India

NITIE steeping up in there crucial time to help villages adopted by them under Unnat Bharat Abhiyan by providing the villagers with essential goods.

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Today, the NITIE fraternity team carried out CSR activity by distributing grocery items and medical kit to five remote villages in Murbad Taluka of Thane district for COVID-19 relief activities. The team consists of Prof. Vivek Khanzode, Prof. Kanchan Joshi, Dr. Smriti Patel, Mr. Laxmikant they visited Vadachi Wadi, Shirwadi, Valhivare, Ekleshawadi, and Shiroshi Katkarwadi Villages.

NITIE has also achieved dual CSR by distributing these products to front-line COVID fighters in the institute neighborhood.

Villagers and taluka officers expressed heartfelt thanks and gratitude towards our institute leader, Prof Manoj Kumar Tiwari, Director, NITIE.

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NITIE supports an important exercise for screening of community in containment zone of S- Ward of Mumbai in collaboration with BMC and Niramayseva Foundation.

The Institute as a measure of its concern for the Mumbaikars, supported an enthusiastic COVID warrior team of Doctors and Volunteers numbering 25-30 with the vital support in the form of comfortable stay and food arrangements during the screening exercise carried out few days back.

NITIE is the frontrunner in bringing innovative approach to solving industry problems. We have  demonstrated the value delivered by our students in their internships. Our students have solved tedious industry challenges such as efficient inventory and warehouse management. NITIE strives to bring the industry excellence and transforming to future leaders.

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It is with immense pleasure that we announce the successful completion of the interview process of PGDIE, PGDMM & PGDPM for the batch of 2020-2022, which was conducted virtually owing to the current situation.

We would like to thank all the aspirants for their cooperation with us for the entire process. We would also like to thank our Director Prof. Manoj Tiwari, Faculty members, Officers , Staff, Team IMPACT, Esteemed Alums and Nitie Alumni association for helping in Scheduling the process.

We wish all the aspirants good luck and good health

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