During COVID crisis and resulting lockdown, NITIE leapfrogged seamlessly to online admission for all of their programs. True to its nature, Industrial Engineering Institute developed and optimized a process of admission which received very good feedback from both candidates, faculty and staff. This can surely be considered a best practice and benchmark for other Institutes to follow.

The candidates were asked to record interviews of up to 15 minutes through a platform within 2.5 hours of time slot. The interview had a few known questions and few surprise questions randomly generated. All questions were well thought out and finalized by faculty a priori. The interviews were uploaded on cloud and 3 faculty members were able to evaluate the same, providing individual scores and also consensus scores as a panel. The whole process was water tight with no information leakage from one entity to the other. The advantages were that a candidate, even from the remotest place in India could record and upload the interviews from their homes. Panels of faculty could evaluate the videos from their own homes. About 2000 candidates and faculty provided very good feedback and we feel the process can be upscaled to other Institutes in India.

In these unprecedented times where each day brings a new challenge NITIE Mumbai is finding solutions to them, the administration is working hard to implement systems which would result in the smooth functioning of the institute without risking the health and safety of any individual involved.

First & foremost is that faculty has been asked to work from home, while the hostels have been vacated and students were asked to return to home. To avoid any effect on the teaching curriculum, online classes are conducted by faculties, the students can seamlessly interact with the faculty, assignments and quizzes are also being conducted online. While the institute is contemplating to conduct online examinations.  Faculty and staff meetings have also been shifted to virtual platforms.

Another hurdle was that the lockdown was implemented in the dates usually when end term exams are conducted. Thus the end term exam of the senior batch was rescheduled to April end and May slot. The passing batch students are also supposed to submit a field project, that to has changed and is to be submitted online for IM and ISEM batch by April 10th. The nine-month final project of PGDIE, PGDMM and PGDPM batch would also be reviewed online, wherein an intermediate presentation would be conducted in the month of April while the final presentations would be done online in May. Junior batch exams have also been rescheduled and are now to be conducted in the month of June once the institute reopens and the students return from their summer internships.

Due to the Summer internship for junior batch students is going to be work from home, the students will be given an industry project or industry problem under faculty guidance. The students are also given a boost by the involvement of alumni in project guidance for the duration 8 weeks during their internships.

Online library resources are made available so that students can work on their skills while still being at their homes. As a result of providing extended time to students for completing their 8-week internship the vacation schedule has been altered and the institute is going to reopen a little later than usual.

NITIE conducted a successful admission process online in which the Faculty and students while being at their home conducted the interview process through video conferencing. The admission process of IE, MM and PM batch will be conducted on 22nd, 23rd and 24th of April.

In these troubled times NITIE is going online and facing every challenge head on.


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