About Us

NITIE strives to bring the best it can offer to the student and faculty members of the Institution by stretching out its arms internationally. The International Relations Cell aims to create a gateway for international outreach and global partnership to enhance our academic rigor and cultural sagacity. The curriculum is vital for developing managers with global perspectives, providing students with possibilities for personal and professional growth, and refining their abilities in a worldwide competitive market. In addition, NITIE is looking forward to expanding its global reach by forging joint research between NITIE’s faculty and international universities. Such a faculty exchange programme between partner universities would help to evolve the pedagogy.

NITIE has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with many International Universities. The MoU has been signed with these universities for mutual student exchange programmes, staff exchange programmes, research studies, cultural /field exposure, etc in the fields of Management in Analytics, Finance, Marketing, Operations & Supply Chain Management, and Sustainability Management. Recently, NITIE hosted 50 University of East London students for the Study Abroad program. NITIE is also eager to promote joint conferences, seminars, and joint executive training programs.

NITIE strives for excellence and places itself on the international map through these international collaborations.