PGDIE Institute Core


Course structure: The course structure is designed in such amannerthat it integrates Institute core courses with the Industrial Engineering body of knowledge through the courses offered in the Program core and Program electives. The  are designed to differentiate PGDIE and are aligned with the programme objectives. The program elective courses are designed to enhance the depth for the PGDIE by strengthening the learning in the Industrial Engineering domain.

Sr. No Course Title Credits
1 Industrial Engineering and Productivity Management 3
2 Operations Management 3
3 Managerial Economics 3
4 Marketing Management 3
5 Business Communication 3
6 Quantitative Techniques for Decision Making 3
7 Managerial Accounting 3
8 Organization Behavior 3
9 Information Systems and Artificial Intelligence 3
10 Technology & Innovation Management 3
11 Sustainable Development for Business 3
12 Legaland Ethical Aspects of Business 3
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