The 21st century has brought with it a rapidly changing world characterized by falling market barriers. The need of the hour is a manager who can function effectively and effortlessly in this demanding environment and exploit emerging IT, communication and process technologies to the advantage of the enterprise. To lead industry in this new era, one also needs self-reliant "intrapreneurs" who can provide the necessary vision and leadership. As always, however, such a manager must also be able to create a synergy among all the components of the organization he/she manages.

NITIE's Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Management (PGDIM) aims to groom young managers who will not only design better procedures and systems but also manage the associated technologies successfully. PGDIM blends classroom work and hands-on industry internship. The program strives -

  • To develop a holistic outlook that views the organization as an entity and not as a composition of fragmented functional areas.
  • To develop interpersonal and leadership skills to help manage human issues present in complex industrial scenarios, with emphasis on teamwork that builds shared vision and objectives.
  • To develop expertise in handling scientific management principles, methodologies, quantitative and analytical skills and the ability to adapt, apply and integrate these skills to enhance managerial effectiveness.
  • To impart skills to develop enterprises into smoothly functioning and efficient supply chains of products, services and information while enforcing internal and external customer relationships.
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