Program Overview

PGDMM- A Milestone in Manufacturing Endeavour

Manufacturing plays a vital role in the economic growth of a country. In line with this, NITIE offers a two year full time Post Graduate Manufacturing Management Program that facilitates students in developing their skills and decision making capabilities in the manufacturing domain giving them a cutting edge in executing the business strategy at the manufacturing function level. The programme knowledge also helps students in exploiting the manufacturing capability from the business competitiveness point of view. The program aims at creating professionals equipped to meet the challenges in manufacturing management.

Manufacturing converts raw materials, components, and assemblies into finished goods by employing a man-machine set-up to meet the customer's expectations. Therefore, it is essential to design and operate manufacturing system from customer perspective. Scientific approach to management of manufacturing function allows understanding how production processes, people and skills within the business organization can be efficiently and effectively deployed to meet the business objectives from market competitiveness. The program has been designed to address manufacturing issues like capacity analysis for responsiveness, facility analysis for product variety, compatibility analysis between new product design and manufacturing set-up, facilities relocation, vertical integration, waste reduction. This program facilitates in shaping students proficiency in manufacturing domain through a structured and comprehensive approach.


This focused program aims to develop human capital that will be capable of designing and redesigning the most effective manufacturing system as per business needs.

The program would provide a multidisciplinary approach to facilitate students in grasping the need of different functions like procurement, marketing and supply chain in developing the manufacturing strategy and exploiting the manufacturing capability for achieving business competitiveness.

The program would give a perspective across value spectrum through factor input market, manufacturing systems, delivery system with specialized inputs in areas like Additive Manufacturing, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Quality Engineering, Sustainable Manufacturing, IT value in Manufacturing System, etc.

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