Pgdpm Message from Coordinator

Pgdpm Message from Coordinator
Prof. Ruchita Gupta

The scenario of constant disruptions has been triggering new ideas in every organization. To deliver the real value of the ideas and to tap their benefits, it is critical to translate them into reality successfully. This can be achieved by ensuring effective project management practices in the organization which requires project and program managers to have the right skills to drive and steer change in this dynamic environment.

According to the report by Project Management Institute, by 2027 employers will need around 87.7 million individuals working in project management-oriented roles worldwide. Hence, building the Project Management capabilities and competencies which do not happen over-night, needs to be nurtured.

Realizing the need to develop a capable and competent talent pool for project management across all the sectors, NITIE started the most distinctive Post Graduate Diploma in Project Management (PGDPM) program. This two-year residential full-time program is designed to transform and nurture energetic youth into project professionals who will be able to conceptualise, plan and execute dream projects into realities. The program provides a multidisciplinary approach to facilitate students in grasping the need of different functions like procurement, logistics, finance and technology management in delivering safe, timely and cost-effective execution of projects.

The program is of 8 trimesters (4 trimesters in each year) with 30 courses. Students are exposed to real life business problems through 8 weeks of Summer Internship with the Industry. Research capabilities are built through engaging students in Industry inspired research projects. The courses develop critical thinking and competence in qualitative and quantitative analysis in the field of project management. The academic curriculum ensures that students develop holistic view across the value chain through various fundamental, advanced and specialised courses like Technology & Innovation Management, Information Systems & Artificial Intelligence, Sustainable Development for Business, Managerial Accounting, Project Initiation, Project Planning, Scheduling, Cost Budgeting, Risk Management, Monitoring & Control, Contract Management. To build capabilities in the domain, practical insights are imparted through eminent industry experts. The latest theoretical and practical insights equip students with strong foundations and capabilities to deal with complex problems in the current dynamic environment. This program will help you to take up the Project management roles and succeed as a Project Manager.

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PGDPM Coordinator

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