Program Overview

In this globalization era organizations face a multiplicity of challenges in evaluating the long-term impacts of their business decisions. They need managers with an ability to understand diverse Environmental, social, and Economic systems to cope with vastly different infrastructure and resource issues. ISEM programme fills this gap by providing the much-needed skills, business needs. The programme incorporates safety, social, economic and environmental stewardship issues into the fabric of the programme. PGDSM is a sustainability-based programme and focuses on a People Planet and Profit approach. This programme cultivates future business leaders who will join the workforce with a broad understanding of the complex relationships

Business has with nature and various stakeholders. The PGDSM curriculum encompasses both managerial and technical perspectives. It introduces students to a systemic approach for the evaluation of environmental, social and economic impacts. Apart from classroom teaching, the emphasis is laid on industrial visits, practical case studies, industrial guest faculty, presentations and management games. The main objective of the programme it to develop managers who can address various safety and environmental problems effectively paving the way for a cleaner and safer industrial practices