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About CTIM

Centre for Technology and Innovation Management (CTIM) was established in year 2015 as a research centre with the objective to bridge “engineering” and “management”. Through its focused collaborative and industry inspired research Centre aims to provide input to strategic decisions of organizations and national policy for managing technologies and innovation effectively. CTIM at NITIE lays emphasis on technology and innovation as the core differentiator for the organization and helps identifies paths to leverage the knowledge of both intangible and tangible products to improve organization’s performance. CTIM through its research attempts to address - What is desired by the users? What is viable in the market place and? what is possible with the technology?

Managing technologies, products, innovations and creating suitable appropriation mechanisms is becoming fundamental for an organization to survive in an increasingly knowledge driven competitive world. Successful integration of technologies into business needs and anticipating emerging technologies are becoming critical for organizations. Understanding and identifying the contextual environment enables organizations to have a handle on developing technology assets that can be translated into successful innovations and products. CTIM has been conceived with a strong conviction that technologies have shifted their position from being a secondary component of an organization’s value chain to being the business itself.

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The CTIM area has a combined experience of nearly 60 man years across a broad range of industry that includes Auto, Renewable Energy, Telecommunications and Networks, Electronics, Information Technology, Manufacturing and Government Entities. The core faculty members of ETM are (Alphabetical Order):

Ruchita Gupta

Prof. Ruchita Gupta

CTIM Coordinator

Diffusion and Adoption, Technology Transfer and Commercialisation, Technology Forecasting, Technology Entrepreneurship

Karuna Jain

Prof. Karuna Jain

Core Faculty

Strategic Technology & Innovation Management, Intellectual Property Management, R&D Management, Project Management, Value Engineering

Mukundan R

Prof. Mukundan R

Core Faculty

Technology, IP and Innovation Strategy, Standards, Licensing and Commons, Complex Systems Engineering, Foresight and Technology Roadmaps

Shirish Sangle

Prof. Shirish Sangle

Core Faculty

Environmental Engineering & Management, Engineering & Technology Management

Utpal Chattopadhyay

Prof. Utpal Chattopadhyay

Core Faculty

Economic Environment of Business, Globalization & Global Competitiveness

Durgesh Kumar Jaiswal

Mr. Durgesh Kumar Jaiswal

Research Assistants

Pratima Bhagat

Mrs. Pratima Bhagat

Research Assistants

Post Graduate Students

Vipul Gandhi

Vipul Gandhi
Center TA

Arjun V Prasad

Arjun V Prasad
Center TA

CTIM Research Path


  • Technology foresight, forecast
  • Technology intelligence
  • Technology assessment

Functional Innovation Pathways

  • Roadmaps, Risks
  • Innovation Audits
  • Strategic NPD

Leverage Growth

  • Tech & IP Portfolio Management Models
  • Licensing, Standards & Acquisition Models
  • Contextualised Tech Management Practises


  • Diffusion and Adoption of Mobile Value-Added Service Innovations in rural India.
  • Management Excellence through Research in Industry – Academic Transfer(MERIT).
  • Patinformatics based study of additive manufacturing technologies.
  • Project 89-Transform the Potential.
  • Agriculture machine for multi seeder sowing.

CTIM would be privileged to engage with the industry and other research organizations to understand and do specific contribution to leverage the strategic technology management solutions available to industry.

Do drop in a line at ctim[at]nitie.ac.in / ruchitagupta[at]nitie.ac.in to explore engagement models and a collaborative approach to take NITIE forward in the exciting strategic journey of managing technology for growth and excellence!

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